performer decalogue

– Be able to modulate the tragedy of listening live

– Movement is what keeps duality alive

– Feel the Oral Cavity, the Heart, the Uterus

– Become Musical substance/ Rub against Space

– Continuous internal action

– Sympathetic Sound: magic uses ‘music’ to establish the right balance between sky and earth

– Silence – Good spirit = voluntary submission to sacrifice, losing oneself to listen to ‘Other’

– Man’s sensitivity is all-powerful with regard to material realities. Form is space imbued with that substance

– Being = Not Being Able to Know

– Breathing warms

– Music is the only reality, it acts internally, rituals are external

– Feel power rising from the spinal column, harmonic breathing

– Vision = gives the possibility to be near things that are not close at hand

– The insignificant which I trust so much

– Magical continuous movement

– There is no good and bad, mirroring everything, indifferent to morality

– Springs of sound

– When you have a sequence of actions/sounds: rehearse the accumulation of sound if sound is produced and try to feel how you can manage it. It is the process that gives form not thinking. Thinking very often interrupts the sound’s sequence. Work on energetic transitions modulations. In a sequence there is a big risk of fragmentation, not 1. Be careful. Thinking is very different from listening.

– No arrogance when singing sacrifice

– Do not forget the details of the figure, how it moves and what is most visible for others.


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