Space has always been my fixed nail; move it, dance it, live it in presence.
Science has awlays interested and fascinated me and it still does in my daily study.
I recocgnized art late in my life, but it gave all back.
Art is the neverending and unexpected result of what is left unsaid, maybe it never happened.

She was born on 29th August, 1973 and she accidentally started to study dance. Already attracted by the idea of building brick by brick, at the age of 13 she chose a Technical Institute for Surveyors as her secondary school. When she was 17, her mother died and she fell out with God. While she was studying Civil Engineering she concluded her studies in Classical Dance graduating with full marks at the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in London founded in honour of M° Enrico Cecchetti. She got her degree in Civil Engineering under Prof. Arch Oswald Zoeggeler and in the chapter entitled “Riflessioni multidisciplinari al fine di autoposizionamento” (Reflecting on several disciplines to find self-orientation) she had already stated: Energy is my myth and Dance is my ritual. She went to work for Architect Paolo Soleri in his urban laboratory in progress, Arcosanti. She concluded a Master Programme in City Planning, organized by the EU at the Polytechnic of Milan, with full marks. After passing the entrance examination, she enrolled for a course in Sculpture at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Florence. In the meantime she pursued her studies in dance and started teaching at the Dance Academy where she had studied herself. While she was studying at the Accademia delle Belle Arti, she started her activities as a performer in 2004.

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